Thursday, March 18, 2010

To quote, or not to quote.

I got a question the other day about the quote that was under my name in the header of my blog at the moment. It says: "A GOOD WAY TO START IS TO STOP BEING SO CONVENTIONAL AND STOP TRYING TO "STRAIGHTEN" UP THE WORLD." W. STANCHFIELD.
What does it mean?, it is a bit vague, I agree, so ... let me try to explain.

I like to read. Specifically I like to read about, animation, it's history, and I like to read about drawing/visual storytelling. I believe that it can help me in my quest to become a better artist. That's where me starting this blog comes in too. The reason I started this blog that it is a nice way to gather the work I produce and to present it to a 'worldwide audience', I publish it so it's out there. For everyone to see, and for everyone to critique. This also keeps me motivated, and to be critical about my own work. Back to the quote...

The quote is taken from a book I'm reading right now, Drawn to Life, 20 Golden years of Disney Master Classes, Volume 1 the Walt Stanchfield lectures. And I love it! Every page is packed with knowledge that every artist is craving for, in my opinion at least. In there you can also find the quote or phrase that is above my blog. The thing is that in my drawings I tend to 'straighten' up the world I created. And I am aware of that and I hink that my work can be far more interesting if I don't. This means grass isn't always green, the sky isn't always blue, and yes elephants can fly, and a bunch of balloons can easily hold a whole house in the air during a horrible thunderstorm. :-) Everything you create while drawing has story, and story means, to name a few, form and color to enforce the story you are telling through your drawings. To realize this and to make it part of my creative process is I think important for my own progression as an artist. This and many more other things to, off course.
It is also not the only quote from Walt which I think holds a valuable lesson. 'Have something to say and keep it simple' is another one. Anyhow, it's all in the book! Uhm, books, I mean, yes, YES, there's TWO! And the second one is just as great as the 1st!

So stop reading my babbling about blahdieblah, and go read it for yourself. You won't be disappointed!


Master Assignment (MA)

In our studio we got the assignment to work on a 'Master Assignment' each half year. Goal is to train your skills, and bring them to the next level. In other words, this assignment should expose your 'weaknesses' so you know what skills to work/study on.

1st step: write a story.
2nd step: make sure every aspect of your drawing supports your story.

My story:
Two boys are best friends. After school they play sneakily in the neighbours garden, which is just further down the street where they live.

Here's my process on my 1st MA ...

Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Junkyard

A robot lives on a junkyard where his only friend is Jack, the owners dog.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I painted this exactly 1 year ago.