Sunday, April 14, 2013

Homework assignment #1

Today I did my first homework assignment for Rad Sechrist's Storyboarding for Feature Animation Class. The assignment was to board a sequence based on:

1. A spaceman

2. in danger

3. has to get out of it.

Ow, and you should spend around 2 hours working on it. I cheated a little, I spend 4. Here's what it turned out like...


Friday, April 12, 2013

Little Blackbook Vol.3 in the mail today!

Woohoo for me!

This third volume, limited to 30 copies, contains a selection of my personal story projects I have been working on since last November 'till now, and I'll be bringing them with me when I'm visiting my friends in New York City in a couple of weeks! I enjoy making these little A6 sized books, plus it gives me a nice overview of what I've actually been making these last few months.

This edition somehow has a lot of animals and food related stories in them and there's also some snowy fun stuff in there, well it's sort of a winter-edition because spring is only starting this weekend here in the Netherlands. Welcome sunshine!


Thursday, April 11, 2013

Storyboarding class at

I recently signed up for Rad Sechrist's Storyboarding for Feature Animation Class over at I've been following Rad's Radhowto-blog for a few years already and I really enjoy and appreciate the way he analyzes and takes things apart to understand how it works. So now he has an online class, I jumped to the opportunity to learn from the best.

This morning the Class started and I signed in to listen to the first lecture and demo from Rad that was on the topic of Camera Placement. At the end we got a homework assignment, which I'll post on my blog in the coming weeks that I'm taking the class.

First class was great and can't wait to start on the homework assignments and looking forward to Class 2 next week!

To celebrate the start of the Class I treated myself by buying this:


Schoolism Certificate of Completion in the mail today!


Today I received, by Air Mail, my 'official' Certificate of Completion for Andrew Hou's digital painting workshop that I recently did at schoolism. If you want to learn or improve painting digitally in photoshop, I really recommend taking this course. I learned so much from Andrew that I'm now more confident and conscious about my painting process in this digital medium.

Curious?, go have a look at schoolism.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Drawing from films: Margin Call (2011)

Yesterday at the studio we watched the film Margin Call. So a great oppurtunity to do the 'drawing from films' exercise. Because I couldn't pause the film, we watched it with the whole studio crew, what I tried to do was look out for interesting compositions in the film, analyse and make a quick visual snapshot of the composition, and then put down a quick thumbnail of the composition.
Here's what I ended up with: