Saturday, February 5, 2011

February Goals

Looking back at January, I have spent the month writing down and searching for about 6 story ideas per day for my Animated Short project.

This month, February, I will spent filtering through all those ideas. Goal is to filter out 3. On each of those 3 ideas I'm gonna spent about a week exploring the idea, develop it into (a) possible story outline(s).
So by the end of the month I should have 3 story outlines to choose from. One of those I will further develop into a story which I will be using for my Short.

Second thing I'm still focussing on is construction when I'm drawing. I've been filling up my A3 sketchbook with construction drawings. One A3 page a day, that's the goal. I will continue to do this in February.

To sum things up, my February Goals are:
1. Filter out 3 story ideas for my Animated Short project.
2. Continue to study construction in drawing.

Besides these two goals I'm watching and studying films and shorts. It is not about the quantity, but quality is more important at the moment. Writing down and analyzing the story structure of succesfull short films is also fun and interesting to do. It is not part of my goals, but it's fun, so I will continue doing that anyway.
I've also picked up some more interesting books about story. I will be reading those the coming months for sure.
"Not reading is the same as not being able to read."

Listening to: James Blake, Blue Note Trip.

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