Saturday, March 19, 2011


From Richard Williams book and dvd lecture series 'The Animator's Survival Kit':

"Lesson One.


Unplug! Take off your head phones! Turn off the radio! Switch off the CD! Turn off the tape! Close the door.

Like many artists, I had the habit of listening to classical music or jazz while working. On one of my first visits to Milt Kahl I innocently asked:

"Milt do you ever listen to classical music while you're working? Of all the s-s-s-stupid god-god-god-damned questions I-I-I-I've ever heard! I-I-I-I never heard such a-a-a-f-f-f-f-stupid question! Iy-Iy-Iy-Iy-I'm not smart enough to think of more than one thing at a time!"

Since it came from a genius, this made quite an impression on me. After this I learnt to face the silence and think before swirling my pencil around. My animation improved right away.

This has been the case with many artists when I've passed this wisdom along.

...end of lesson one."

This is so recognizable to me. I'm always playing or listening to music when I'm working. So I unplugged since a few weeks when I'm working at home, facing the silence... and it works. I love it. It creates and gives you so much more focus. An obvious thing to do, I think of it now, but never thought of it myself.
Thank you, Mr Williams and Mr Kahl.
You are a true inspiration.

Listening to: The silence...

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