Saturday, April 2, 2011

April Goals

The goal for March has been achieved, well, ... sort of... instead of 3 I have chosen 4 story concepts to work with in April.

This month I'm going to work with each concept for a week. Explore, develop and rewriting it. At the end of the month I am going to make a choice. One of these 4 developed story concepts is going to be the final one. I feel I have to set this deadline or else it will become an endless journey, and I will probably never finsih it.

Besides the writing part of this project, I have also started to do animation exercises in the weekends. For now these exercises are about learning the basic animation princples.

So my goals for April are:

1. Story.

Develop, explore and rewrite the 4 story concepts. Goal is to spend a week on each of the 4 concepts and write for about an hour every day. I have experienced the previous months that this is a very realistic an achievable goal for me.
Besides the actual writing I also read books on the subject of story during the weekdays. At the moment I'm reading The Writer's Journey by Cristopher Vogler. Next in line is Joseph Campbells' The Power of Myth.

2. Animation.

Doing animation exercises in the weekends. For now it's mainly walking exersices, following the advice of Ken Harris: "A walk is the first thing to learn, learn walks of all kinds. 'Cause walks are about the hardest thing to do right."
Besides trying to draw animation I also read books on the subject of animation during the weekends. Richard Williams' The Animator's Survival Kit is my main source of information. Another book that I find very useful is Eric Goldbergs' Character Animation Crash Course.

April, here I come!

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