Thursday, May 16, 2013

Drawing from films: The Incredibles, CHECK!

It's DONE! I finished my last 100 thumbnails of the Incredibles tonight. 137 pages; 3.435 thumbnails in total, and I learned a lot doing this exercise.

What did I learn?

My top 3 things: In the Incredibles there's a lot of great examples of cutting on action. A lot of great examples how Brad Bird guides your (the viewer's) eye and a lot of interesting action scenes to study, how they cut these scenes and how does he use the camera in those sequences. Great stuff; great movie. So I'm ready to pick a new film to study.

Here's the last 100-ish of the film.

My next film: Jaws or Ratatouille. It's the choice between doing a live-action this round, or another animated film?


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