Thursday, May 27, 2010

From Drawing to Painting (2)

Color concept

Before I start with my painting I try to come up with a color concept first. For this piece I've got a very clear idea in my head. The oven is going to be the main lightsource in this piece. It is a wam light. To let the warm color be the most dominant I'm going to put the rest of the piece in a cooler color. This should create a clear focus point for the viewer.

Blocking in the color concept

So here is the result of the 1st idea I had for this piece. I tried to put in a warm color, orange/yellowish, for the lightsource. This lighting should bring out clearly the girl sitting in front of the oven. The rest of the kitchen is in a cooler purple/blueish color, so the girl gets the most attention. Keep it simple, not go into details, and try to keep my light and shadow clearly separated.


Now the trick in this stage is too look at your own work with a fresh pair of eyes. Try to look at it if you see it for the first time, is it working? What do I really see?
I am noticing a few things that need work.

First is that the oven and the girl have the same color. They both ask for your attention. I wanted the girl to be the first thing you see, that is not the case now.

Second thing I notice is that it is a little hard to see that there is a girl sitting. How she sits, her posture isn't working with this lighting. If she would be sitting more in front of the oven, I think, she would come out better.


So I am going to make some changes. I think the most important thing to change is the position and the pose of the girl sitting in front of the oven. I think coming up with a better silhouette for the girl, will improve the piece. I also have to think about the lighting while designing the new girl.

So back to the drawing board!

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