Wednesday, May 26, 2010

From Drawing to Painting

For the last 10 years I have been drawing and painting. I love it. I tried water color, crayons, spraycans, acrylics, ink, ecoline, silkscreening, and since a year or 2 I focus on digital painting. So I've tried all mediums, worked really small on paper, produced big high murals and always I get the same response, when people see my work and then see my sketchbook...

" I like your sketches better."

So the question I would like to solve is, how can I make succesfull paintings out of my drawings?

Well the first step, maybe, could be, stick to your drawing. When a drawing has the right energy, you decide to make it into a painting. Now the trick is, how to preserve that energy that is in the sketch, and put it also in the painting?

So let's start with a drawing from the sketchbook. It's like a 10 min sketch.

and this is how I will start my painting.

I start with a base color, on top is my sketch, flipped, so it reads better I think, and I gave it some more space on the canvas.
That's it for now, so let's start painting.

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