Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Backgrounds no.4

Page no.4 from the 'environments' sketchbook.

I'm aware that these 'backgrounds' don't make any sense.
So let me explain just a little about what I think it is,...

For me this is an excercise. So you WILL see failure and ugliness (a lot, I promise you), and hopefully also some successes... The backgrounds... (or maybe environments is a better word for them, because the images don't have a purpose) The environments are painted from reference. Just a personal excercise which I'm throwing 'out there' for you all to see. And also for myself it creates a nice overview of what I'm doing.

So here's what I do: I pick a reference photograph because I like the color and atmosphere, and I try to paint that. Not copy it, but translate it into shapes and color. That's all I do for now. I hope that after doing this for a few weeks I can give myself a more clear excercise. Working more focused on my shortcomings. So far, I have almost none experience in backgrounds/environments/landscapes. I have seen plenty great examples of great backgrounds(design) in books, films, anime cartoons, the real world, but I never draw or paint them myself. It's mostly characters so far... So all I do now is gaining experience by focussing on it and working with it.
Besides this, it is also an excercise with a different material I'm not used to working with.
I'll probably have some conclusions about this too in a few weeks, so bare with me...

Listening to: Motropsycho.

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