Sunday, September 26, 2010


I started another study project about a week ago.

The subject of study is backgrounds.
With backgrounds I mean african sunsets, icy landscapes, a city street, a bridge in a park, a city build on a rock, a foggy forest, a lava stream, a large tree in a field of grass etc...

I almost have never drawn or painted backgrounds. So my visual knowledge of backgrounds, I feel, is kind of limited. That's why I decided to start this excercise with painting from reference. To build up my visual memory of backgrounds.

Goal is to start by filling a sketchbook with backgrounds. My focus for now is on color. It is not my intention of reproducing the reference photo, but to capture the mood and feel of the image in color and shapes.
So it's not an excercise in learning to paint materials, like rocks, clouds, trees and grass but it's more about what colours make up the atmosphere of the background. That's also why I choose to do it with 'real' paint instead of digital. Now I have to identify the color, mix it, and apply it. This way I have to really think about the color, instead of choosing the right color between all the colors available in photoshop, and if it's not okay then I take another one. Photoshop makes me kind of lazy in a way. The color picker tool now is my eyes and judgement..

I'm doing one each day, after dinner, and I will post all of them on this blog.
Starting with page one.

Listening to: Glorytellers; Secret Stars.

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