Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Watercolors | 1

Page no.34 from the 'Environments' sketchbook.

Note: After some research and reading about waterpaints I decided that my old pallet I was using was worthless, so ... I put together a new one!
My previous pallet was based on me picking 24 (my paint box can hold 24 1/2 naps) 'random' colors to mix all the colors I needed (I thought). With this pallet I had no clue what I was doing. How to keep my colors vibrant or how to make them less saturated, I was working clueless.

So after some reading and research I have now put together a new pallet, at least this is a start. I'm going to be doing some tests to see if I this pallet works for me.
The way to work with this pallet is as follow: If you want your color to be more bright stay within the lines when you mix. If you want to make your color less bright and more greyish you cross the line.
Here's a first test with some results.

I have some more colors added to my pallet for specific use.
More on those and some more testing in the next post.

Listening to: Fakkelteitgroep.

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