Sunday, November 21, 2010

Environments | page no.34

Still trying to learn watercolors, and I started experimenting with a technique called:


With glazing you apply layers of pure pigment one over the other, to produce a desired color effect. The result is that color is "mixed" optically. There are endless possibilities with this technique. It is a sort of underpainting, which is an advantage because it doesn't let you start with a 'scary' white page, and it simplifies your painting into a value pattern. And of course one of the qualities of watercolour is it's transparency, so I better learn how to use it.

Here's my first attempt.

Second attempt trying to make some improvements in the scene, by controling the glazing process more, leaving area's untouched when layering the glazes.
Tried to make the area around the lightsource warmer, more saturated colors, more contrast, and the surroundings cooler less saturated color and with less contrast.

Listening to: Menahan Street Band.

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