Sunday, June 20, 2010

Cats 'n' girls (3)

I liked these sketches because there's more story in them than the first sketch. Still it left me with some questions, so there's still a lot of things that I'm leaving to the interpetation of the viewer.

* The cat is a present obviously. Probably because it's her birthday. But why is she so happy with a kitten?
*Who is or are the person(s) giving her the present? Her boyfriend, grandma, neighbour or did she give it to herself?
*When and where is she getting this present? Can I choose a location or event to push my story?

So I did two sketches as an answer to my questions.

Personally I had the strongest emotional response to the second sketch.
It brought back a memory from when I was young, and you would get all excited when it's your birthday almost.
I would always get my presents in bed from my parents and sister. They would come in my bedroom silently in the morning, really early, when I was still sleeping, singing, and they would have secretly decorated my bed at night. You would be awake instantly!(usually you would be pretending to be asleep of course, too much excitement, you already were awake and waiting for an hour or so for them to come in!)
And then I would get my birthday present. Everyone would still be in their pyjama's, sitting on your bed. It was the start of a special day, your birthday! Surprise!
What would be the greatest gift to a young girl totally crazy about cats, then a young kitten for her birthday.

So I decided to give the second sketch a push.

Right now I like it. I think it tells a nice story, but there's still room for pushing it to the next level.
I'll have a fresh look tomorrow and probably have a few new questions to push it again. It feels like I'm getting there...

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