Thursday, June 17, 2010

Cats 'n' girls

Here's another piece where I tried to preserve my sketchlines. It's a fun excercise, and it works if the sketches were really good...meaning the story they tell. Adding color and some sort of lighting to your sketch doesn't mean that the story your image tells will improve, if there are still story issues in the original sketch. I always tried to fix my story while painting but I found out that that doesn't work.

For instance in this image, story wise, it is not clear what the girl and the creature are doing and why. Why is she holding this little creature? Has she found him? Has he done something bad?, or is he the one that she chose to take home from the petstore?

And there is my next excercise: Before adding color, search for the perfect sketch that tells the story I want to tell the best.

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