Wednesday, August 11, 2010


If you got an interest in digital art, you probably have encountered the name Bobby Chiu somewhere on the internet.

One initiative I like to watch once and a while are Bobby's chiustreams. Great evening dinner entertainment, I think.
I also enjoyed his last episode, where he had an interview with 'awesome' artist Dice Tsutsumi.

And there's more...

There's another initiative in Bobby Chiu-land, that is called sketchoholic. The site is currently Beta, and there yo can also watch his interviews, upload a portfolio, participate in contests etc..., anyway, if your interest go and have a look.
The next interview coming up is one with 'awesome' artist/ director Chris Sanders. Every interview has a contest to, Sander's topic for his is "Nightmares"

So I decided to give it a go.

Goal is to make a digital and a analogue painting from it.
Here's my progress from tonight...

My story is about a boy who has had or is having nightmares, woke up or is not sure if he should go back to sleep again.


Value study.
Because I like to make a watercolor painting version of it to, I decided to do a value study, to work out my lighting. And have a better reference for my watercolor, where to stay light and where to go dark.

Then I had seconds thoughts on the sketch, and painted in a hand, to intensify the story? I think now he's more in dount if he should turn off the light, and go to sleep...
Story improvement in value...?

I like to produce a clean watercolor version of this idea too, therefor I need to really work out my sketch to every detail being right, so I can trace it and put it on thick paper.
Digitally it's so easy to make changes, that I tend to try out stuff endlessly.
Doing a watercolor makes me think more and harder about my sketch telling the right story.

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