Thursday, August 12, 2010


Made a birthday gift tonight for a good friend of mine. It's a picture of his dog "Sjakie".
We all went on a holiday a few weeks ago, including Sjakie. He's a bit of an oldie, and most of the day really slow in anything he does. (if he does anything besides sleeping)

This changes 180 degrees when you just say the word : "Ball?".
He becomes really energetic and runs really fast in fetching the ball. It's truly amazing to see the change this dog makes, when a ball is presented and thrown. You will have to hide the ball, if you want to stop playing with him, because he won't stop. He just can't get enough of that game.

So here he is: Sjakie.

I also did some small progress on my nightmares image.

I decided I'm going to make a mostly blue monotone watercolor of it, with maybe a hint of orange, still deciding.
Digital I'm not sure which direction I'm ging to take it. Maybe I'll stay in the same colors, so I can compare the two.

Listening to: Mark Lanegan, Gorillaz.

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