Thursday, August 26, 2010

Progress turnaround 2

Working on the curves, shapes and lines of the little guy. Trying to make them more clear to read.
Next is the face, tail, and a first smoothing pass I think.

For me this sculpt is actually a try-out for a next sculpting project I have in mind. More about that one soon.

It's the first time working in this polymer clay for me, and after a few days working with it, I'm starting to like it.
Learning a lot how to 'push' the clay around, and which tools I prefer working on it.
Still I haven't experienced the whole process with this material, there's still polishing and baking, and molding to do,so... there could still be a ton of surprises awaiting me.

Listening to: Fakkelbrigade, Geoff Farina.

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