Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Birds (1963)

I am reading 'Dreamworlds' by Hans Bacher at the moment and in the first chapter about Film Analysis I came across this section in the book:

'I suggest you choose a sequence in the movie of your choice. It should be visually engaging and interesting storywise. Don't forget that we are not looking for pretty pictures, but we want to know how to tell a story visually.
I usually sketch every single scene in small rough thumbnails, as if I was drawing the storyboard for the movie. These boards are just the other way around as they illustrate a finished film. In case there is a moving camera or the actors are moving, you need to do several key drawings to indicate the most important steps.'

This seemd like a really interesting and fun excercise to me.
I am interested in how to tell a story visually, and I like to watch movies, so I thought, why not give it a try.

Here are 4 pages from 'The Birds' by Mr. Hitchcock I 'storyboarded' the other way around.

Next up is Raiders of the Lost Ark.

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