Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Environments | page no.11

Page no.11 from the 'Environments' sketchbook.

Time for some notes:

-The first 10 pages I painted the image on the entire page.
A page is A4 in size, 29.7 x 21 in cm.
-All that 'space', I noticed, was making me trying to paint details. Also filling large areas with paint was hard, and it makes the color 'dirty' because I had to go over it muptiple times to fill it, instead of doing it with a single brush stroke.
-This also made the color darker, than I meant it to be, while I was trying to keep them light.
- From now on I make the area to paint smaller. Page 11 is 22 x 13 cm.

- I need to focus on making the contrast in the image better.
- It will improve the readability of the image.
- As you can see in the first 10 pages there is almost no contrast in the image.

- On page 11 the contrast is not optimal, but at least there is an effort to create some 'clear' darker area's, and some lighter ones.

- I need to be more conscious about my color palette. Think more about 'Warm light Cool shadows' and vice versa. Or do a scene in a complementary contrast. Or try a tonal color scheme. Experiment, but choose your colors.

Some notes for now, now back to painting!

Listening to: Bon Iver; The Low Anthem.

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